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A unique natural product

AZOGEN 5-0-0 is a liquid nitrogen fertilizer. This 100 % natural product is the result of a unique process, developed by Solugen Global, that captures and recovers ammonia emissions from livestock farming to produce a liquid nitrogen fertilizer. The sale of this product contributes to the financing of new agricultural effluent treatment plants, and to the reduction of the greenhouse gases generated by the livestock industry during effluents storage and spreading and their impact on the environment.

Inspired by the circular economy

"At Solugen Global we understand the importance and value of organic agriculture. By creating a circular economy based model, we help make the world a better place by protecting ecosystems."

— Andre Beaulieu Blanchette, CEO

About the process
  • Production capacity
  • Benefits
  • Innovation
  • An endless production capacity

    With our next production plan, which will be in operation by October 2023, we will be able to gradually produce huge quantities of Azogen 5-0-0 annually. We are already looking to increase production over the next 2 years.
  • The environmental benefits of Solugen Global’s process

    By treating 10,000 m3 of liquid agricultural effluent per year, which is representative of a medium-sized farm in North America, Solugen Global's process reduces the number of times that liquid agricultural effluent is transported to cultivated land by 425. Solugen Global's technology contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases. The treatment of 10,000 m3 of liquid agricultural effluent results in a reduction of 572 tons of CO2 equivalent. Solugen Global's process catches and recovers ammonia from agricultural effluents, thereby preventing it from volatilizing and becoming an atmospheric pollutant. Water is a global issue. Solugen Global's technology recovers 75% of the treated volume as pure, reusable water. By concentrating most of the phosphorus in a biosolid residue extracted from Solugen Global's treatment, phosphorus management is optimized, greatly reducing the risk of eutrophication in waterways. Our plant can treat huge volumes of agricultural effluent per year.
  • An innovation developed by Solugen Global

    Our mission is to produce and market organic fertilizers according to the logic of circular economy by treating agricultural effluents with an innovative process that reduces the environmental footprint of livestock breeding. Our vision is to become the world-renowned Canadian leader in the sustainable production of organic fertilizers by March 31, 2027. Our values are based on three axes: professionalism, adaptability, and team spirit.

Some recommendations for an optimal result

  • Fertigation
    • Berries

      0,26 to 0,4 gal./acre

      1 to 1,5 L/acre

    • Vegetables

      0,13 to 0,26 gal./acre

      0,5 to 1 L/acre

  • In furrow
    • Fields crops

      1,05 to 1,32 gal./acre

      4 to 5 L/acre

Local climatic conditions, cropping pattern and soil/substrate type may affect the performance of any fertilizer product. The general information given,is provided as a guideline. We recommend obtaining prior advice on dosage and frequency of application, depending on the crop and growing conditions.

Azogen fertilizer: fertile in benefits

  1. 1. A single element formulation

    There is no risk of over fertilization with other elements, however there is a suitable nitrogen supply for healthy plants.

  2. 2. A liquid formulation for easy use

    The liquid formulation of Azogen 5-0-0 offers flexibility of use. The fertilizer can be applied in numerous ways: field irrigation, soil injection, drip irrigation, and in a hydroponic nutritive solution. Always use AZOGEN 5-0-0 diluted in water.

  3. 3. Highly versatile: use Azogen for all your plants

    Azogen 5-0-0 is versatile and ideal for your crops, flowering plants, berries, turf and lawns.

  4. 4. Quality nitrogen for your plants

    Composed mainly of ammoniacal nitrogen, Azogen 5-0-0 is quickly absorbed by plants.

  5. 5. A contribution to the preservation of the environment

    By using Azogen 5-0-0, you contribute to a significant reduction in greenhouse gases, soil protection and waterway protection.

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Product range


We offer Azogen 5-0-0 in three different packaging options: bulk per truck load, a 265 gallon tote and a 55 gallon drum (4 drums per pallet). Azogen can be packaged in smaller quantities upon request.


  • Truckload (tanker) 5500 US gallons

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  • 265 US gallon tote

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  • 55 US gallon drum (4 x pallet)

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